Gameroom has been experiencing a high volume of negative attacks and misinformation directed at our business and employees.  The actions against us appear to be motivated with the sole intent to cause Gameroom and it's employees harm.

Gameroom is working carefully to document any misinformation and any other direct assaults on our reputation, storefronts, or personal lives.

Gameroom is also working carefully to ensure that any valid complaints, reviews, and feedback relative to our business are received, processed, and acknowledged, so we can make improvements to our business when and where they are due.

We care deeply about this community and are working hard to ensure that we can participate in a meaningful way, without enduring undue damage to our reputation.

With that in mind, we care not to contribute misinformation in this process, so expect our response on this subject to be limited.

Gameroom has a support email posted on our website where community members can report any information which may be helpful to this process.   Clear details, screen shots, and other forms of verifiable evidence are much appreciated, and will be evaluated objectively.