Over the years, Gameroom has amassed a large knowledge base of video game repair techniques.   The internet is scattered with countless how-to videos and DIY repairs from ametuers to professionals.  These tutorials are great, and can be very helpful.   With that said, it can still be difficult to find content that answers the right questions.  We think we can help.

Gameroom has now begun documenting its repair techniques.  We have quite a few tips and tricks that we would like to share.  Stay tuned as we unravel the video game hardware catalog, one repair at a time.

First up, replacing a save game battery on a Pokemon game.  

The CR2020 (with leads) battery is used for just about every classic game cartridge.
The battery has a shelf life of 20-25 years.  
Once the battery dies, all save game data is permanently lost.  
A cartridge with a dead battery will appear fully functional, but will not retain save data.  
To restore saving ability, desoldering the battery and replacing it with a new CR2020 will give the game another 20+ years of save game life.

If you are proactive, replacing the battery before all save data is lost is possible.  This video will show you how to preserve your data, while replacing the battery.

Replace a battery on a cartridge without loosing save data!


Soldering Iron
3.8mm Security Bit (To Open Cartridge)

Lead Free Soldier
Isopropyl Alcohol
Kingbo Flux
CR2020 Battery with Leads