Gameroom E-Commerce is here! is not your ordinary E-Commerce shop.  It was developed in the back of the Gameroom warehouse, in Lincoln Ne.   Thats right! We built the entire system from scratch.  

What does it do? Why is it special?

Gameroom's E-Commerce shop is actually one small piece of a much larger system that does Point-Of-Sale, Inventory Management, and E-Commerce.  There are now some systems like this, but they only work for stock products (NEW STUFF) and not for Buy/Sell/Trades.   Used products are incredibly difficult to itemized and track with exact conditions and details, because every single one is different.   In the video game industry, this is vitally important to see what you are getting before you get it.  

Gameroom understood this issue quite well, and formed a software company (Infinite Token) to solve the problem.   Years later, after 30,000 hours of software development, we have produced a one of a kind, and possibly a first in the Buy/Sell/Trade industry.  

Over the next few months, Gameroom will inventory every single item on its storefront shelves.  Each item will have exact hi-res photos of the unit you are getting, and itemized details of the condition of the unit being sold. W  These items will not only be available in the storefront, but also on our E-Commerce at the same time.  Walk up to our shelves and grab any product.  When you bring it to the cash register, our checkout system will remove it from our web store automatically.  

What this means:

Shop or Pre-shop online before stopping by our storefronts.  Pay online, pickup locally, or ship anywhere.  Find exactly what you are looking for.  Know exactly what you are getting!

Gameroom has an inventory of over 500,000 individual unique objects.  Most of these have been sitting in our warehouse for years, aging like a good wine.  Now, we will begin the EPIC process of inventorying everything we own.  You won't find a better selection in a single place ANYWHERE.   We currently have the first 500 units uploaded and ready for sale.  Please stay tuned as we work our way through the storefronts and warehouse cataloging our collection.  


Infinite Token is now preparing the Enterprise version of Gamerooms software.   Cashierfu is getting its final touches and should be available to any Buy/Sell/Trade business in the forseeable future.

Please help us enjoy and new system and refine its features.